קרעי פרא – מימון ההמון


בעוד כשבוע יסתיים פרויקט מימון ההמון של תרגום עולם המערכה של המשחק RIFTS לשיטה החביבה עלי – עולמות פרא (עולמות פראיים, אם אתם מעצבנים).  מכיוון שמעולם לא שיחקתי בריפטס, עולם בו בכדור הארץ נפתחו קרעים לחלקים אחרים של הזמן-חלל, אבל תמיד חשבתי שזה נשמע כמו מתכון מדהים ליצירת שילובי סוגה מגניבים, בייחוד עם סקרנות היסטורית – סמוראים נלחמים באנשי יגואר אצטקים, נאצים עתידיים פוגשים טייסי רובוטים ענקיים, דינוזאורים שאוכלים את קוסמי אטלנטיס, ומה לא.
ערכתי ראיון קצר עם שון פטריק פאנון, מנהל מותג ריפטס בפינאקל והמעצב הראשי של ספרי הפרויקט.

הראיון הכתוב נערך באנגלית, אבל אם תהיה דרישה, אתרגם אותו.

Sean, how did this project come about?

I've had the good fortune of becoming friends with so many wonderful, talented people in the RPG industry, Kevin Siembieda being one of them. Mutual respect and admiration remains the cornerstone of our relationship, and has for decades. While I was working for DriveThruRPG/RPGNow as the Marketing Manager and Communications Director, I arranged to drive up and meet with him to discuss getting Palladium's books in PDF and onto the sites. That conversation went so well, I got the wild idea of pitching doing a Rifts project in Savage Worlds (a system I've been doing writing and design for a long while now). Everyone seems very surprised that he said yet, but I feel strongly he'd just been looking for the right relationships and the right company to do business with. He has a tremendous respect for Shane Hensley and Pinnacle, and I said, we've always gotten along great.

We took a few years to get everything in order, and it's taken a while to make sure we were on the right track, design-wise, but Kevin's been an amazing supporter from Day One.

Savage Worlds fans ask: Why try RIFTS?

This is Savage Worlds cranked to 11 in so many ways, and fans are going to find some incredible material to enhance many of their games. At the same time, not only is Rifts® an exciting, everything-goes kind of setting all its own, but it serves as a very interesting vehicle for doing "mash-ups" of other Savage settings.

RIFTS fans ask: Why use SW?

Those who love (or are at least intrigued by) the setting, yet find the original rules not to their liking, will discover a whole new way to play Rifts®. The "Fast! Furious! Fun!" philosophy of Savage Worlds very much applies to this line, so there's a whole new experience ahead for those trying Savage Rifts® that means fast character creation, easy game prep, and different kinds of combats and other challenges.

Those who love the Palladium System are certainly going to keep playing Rifts®, but they may find that there's material and ideas in Savage Rifts® that will greatly enhance their game. For example, we've discovered that a lot of folks who've heard about how we're handling Juicers (using the concept of Burn to express their "death arc" with more game mechanics, including the ability to spend Burn to be even more super-heroic) plan to port that concept directly into their Rifts® campaigns.


How many times does "gonzo" appear in the KS page? 🙂

Three, just on the main page. 😀

RIFTS' is a broad world with a thousand supplements – What is the Savage Rifts campaign focusing on, and why?

Our initial books focus on North America – specifically, the middle of the country, around the border of Arkansas and Missouri. We're starting with the initial conflicts primarily presented in the original Rifts® book (and the Ultimate Edition), with a good bit of North America information from Rifts® Aftermath.

We do plan to spread out from there, much as the original product line, but we will be going where it most makes sense for how we're structuring things with these books.

What's the coolest thing you personally like in the RIFTS SW project?

I'm with everyone else I've talked to – the Juicer Burn mechanic (as discussed in this design diary) is one of the coolest ideas we developed. It really brings home both the power and the sacrifice of the Juicer in game play.

Is the art in the books RIFTS original, new, or both?

We decided to go all original, and all color. Aaron Acevedo and Alida Saxon are working with an incredible roster (as they do for all Savage Worlds products) to expand the exceptional library of Rifts® artwork that already exists.

How's the Kistarter campaign going so far?

Amazing! Breathtaking, in fact. We're about to hit our hoped-for top end, $300,000 (U.S.), and we've still got over a week left. The response and support is kind of awe-inspiring.

אז, אם אם הפרויקט מסקרן אתכם, ואתם חובבים אחד (או שניים) מהמרכיבים שלו, לכו, תימכו, וקנו לכם פדפים מגניבים – או ספרי נייר, אם  70$ משלוח לא מרתיעים אתכם.


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